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Best Gravy Ever

For a superunctuous chicken gravy to compliment a roast or bake of any kind

You will need:

1 750ml tub Dr Broth Roast Chicken Bone Broth

3 tbls natural honey

1 tbls soy sauce

1 tbls Dijon mustard

Squeeze of lemon or lime juice



If you have a roast or tray bake or baking dish of any kind that you have cooked your chicken (wings, drumsticks – whatever) Take your meat out and put the pan ontop of the stove to make your gravy.

When it starts to sizzle pour in a cup of Dr Broth bone broth and scrap all the bits off the tray, transfer the broth to a saucepan (use quite a large one becauseyou have to reduce everything and you don’t want it boiling over.)

Add the rest of the bone broth and bring to the boil. Reduce the broth by half and carefully add the other ingredients.

Keep simmering until it is the consistency of a good rich gravy

Adjust the taste if you like with more honey or lemon or whatever.

If you aren’t using a roasting dish, leave that step out and go straight to the saucepan.

This gravy is delicious as a sauce for chicken breasts or pork dishes too or even as a way to coat roasted crunchy vegetables and the best part is that you do not need to add flour.

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