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Dr Broth Bulgur Wheat Salad

Enjoy this light textured salad


1 cup of Dr Broth Vegan Broth

1 cup Bulgur wheat

Splash of Extra Virgin olive oil

1 medium aubergine – sliced

2 medium zucchini’s – sliced length ways and cores removed

2 jam tomatoes – cut in half

-  Add any other suitable veg you like

3 tbls extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper

1tbls tahini

2 tbls Greek yoghurt

Zest and juice of 1 lemon


Brush all your cut vegetables with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

You can grill on a griddle pan on your stove top or over the coals on a braai.

Either way, make sure the vegetable gets a nice char from the grill.The aubergine must be cooked through and the zucchini left a bit crunchy.

In the meantime, add the Bulgur wheat, a splash of olive oil, and the Mushroom broth to a small saucepan. Place over the heat until it comes up to asimmer. Take it off the heat and cover for 10/15 minutes, then stir it with a fork.

To serve:

In a serving platter or bowl, spoon in the bulger wheat and top with the grilled vegetables.

Loosen the tahini paste with some lemon juice and drop of olive oil and drizzle over the dish.

Stir in the lemon zest through the yoghurt and dollop on top.

*If you prefer more spice you can add a pinch of chilli flakes to the tahini

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