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Cous Cous 

Cous cous makes a delicious base for a salad or as a side dish


·        ½ pearl couscous

·        1 & ½ cups Dr Broth Ginger Chili bone broth

·        1 med onion

·        1 med carrot

·        1 rib celery

·        ¼ cucumber

·        1 tsp harissa paste

·        ½ tbls Extra Virgin Olive Oil

·        Pinch of salt

·        ½ lemon


Gently simmer couscous in Dr Broth Bone Broth until al dente(approx 15 min) meanwhile finely dice carrot, onion & celery and gentlesauté in olive oil, stir in harissa paste.

Drain couscous when soft & stir in vegetables.

De-seed and finely dice cucumber and stir through. Season totaste with salt and lemon juice.

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