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Dr Broth Beef Stroganoff

Double up this meal with mushrooms to make a delicious vegetarian meal with our vegan broth

You will need:

2 x beef fillet medallions (about 150g each)

2 cups of Dr Broth Beef Bone Broth

About 500g sliced mushrooms

2 Tbls Boursin Cheese

Handful baby spinach leaves

Pinch of salt,olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice


In a heavy based saucepan on the stove top, get your saucepan very hot, season your fillet medallions on both sides and give them a good sear so that they are lovely and brown on both sides, but still rare in the middle. Set aside to rest and add your mushroom to the pot.

Cook the mushroom for a few minutes until they also have a bit of colour (you can turn the pot down to medium now then pour in the bone broth.

The broth needs to reduce by about half now.

While the broth is cooking, use a sharp knife and slice you steak into the thinnest slices you possibly can.

When the bone broth has cooked down, switch off the heat and stir in the Boursin cheese.

Then stir in your fillet slices, baby spinach and squeeze of lemon juice.

Serve on your favourite vegetables or with pasta, rice or mash or anything you like really.

You can double up on the mushrooms and use Dr Broth Vegan Broth for a delicious vegetarian meal.

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