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Huevos Rancheros

A healthy spin on this breakfast classic

you will need:

½ cup white cannellini beans (soak in water over night)

750ml of Dr Broth Roast Chicken Bone Broth

2 onions –chopped

3 cloves garlic – chopped

3 plum tomatoes – chopped

1 red pepper– seeded and chopped

½ tsp chilli powder

Salt & pepper & extra virgin olive oil (evoo)

1 egg –poached to your liking

1 avo –sliced.

Teaspoon dukkha spice

Fresh coriander leaves


Gently simmer the white beans in the broth until soft. This could take 1 -2 hours, so add water if they get too dry.

While the beans are cooking, chop the vegetables & make the sauce.

Sauce: In a med size saucepan warm the evoo & gently fry the garlic until golden brown,add the veg & chilli spice, turn the heat down, add salt & pepper to taste and gently simmer until the sauce is thick and quite intense.

When the beans are soft, stir them through. Serve in a bowl topped with a poached egg,sliced avocado, a teaspoon of dukkha spic and some fresh coriander leaves.  

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