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Lentils with Dr Broth Beef Bone Broth

Dr Broth Beef Bone Broth adds a new dimension to this classic recipe

Serves 4


750ml Dr Broth Beef Bone Broth

1 cup lentils

2 medium onions - Chopped

2 medium carrots – Chopped

2 plum tomatoes - Chopped

2 ribs celery- Chopped

3 cloves garlic  - Chopped

Sprig of Rosemary and Thyme, leaveschopped

You will also need extra virgin oliveoil, Cayenne pepper, yoghurt, chives, lemon juice. Salt & pepper


In asaucepan large enough to fit the lentils and bone broth, gently simmertogether, until the lentils are soft. Most but not all of the bone broth willevaporate but not all. +/- 30 min cooking time

In aseparate saucepan, warm 1 tbls of olive oil at a medium heat add the garlic.When golden brown add herbs & vegetables & sweat for about 5 – 6minutes.

Add thelentil & broth mixture & stir through. Cook until the consistency islike a thick stew. Then check your seasoning, add salt, pepper & lemonjuice to taste.

Serve with adollop of Greek yoghurt, Cayenne pepper and chives.

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