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Sugar Bean Curry

A classic Durban curry packed with goodness

You will need:

1 cup red speckled beans

1 Tub Dr Broth Ginger Chilli Bone Broth

1 tbls curry powder

1 cup chopped tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil, salt, lemon juice, natural yoghurt and fresh coriander

*** try to soak the beans in plenty of cold water overnight,then drain before using.


Method: In a saucepan on the stove, simmer the drained beans in Dr Broth bone broth until they are soft. Be careful not to let them boil dryand top up with water during cooking if necessary.

The beans could take up to an hour to cook.

When they are just about ready, in a separate saucepan,start to fry your tomatoes in splash of olive oil.

Add the curry powder to the tomatoes and stir them through.

Let the beans, curry and tomato gently cook together for a ouple minutes – then switch off to cool.

This dish is lovely on its own with a dollop of natural yoghurt, squeeze of lemon juice and some fresh coriander, otherwise serve anyway you like to serve curry.

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