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Thai Carrot Soup

This soup will also work beautifully as a sauce for some rice noodles with chicken or crunchy veg.

You will need:

1 750ml tub Dr Broth Ginger Chilli Bone Broth

1 tbls red Thai curry paste

3 cups carrots – peeled and chopped

1 sweet potato - peeled and chopped

1 400ml can coconut milk

1 tbls extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste

1 fresh lime


In a medium saucepan over a medium heat, carefully fry the curry paste in the olive oil for a few seconds. Add your carrots and sweet potato and stir it all together.

Pour in the Dr Broth bone broth and let it all gently simmer until the carrots/sweet potato are tender

Transfer the mix to a blender, being very careful when blending hot liquids

When smooth, stir in your coconut milk, salt to taste and the juice of 1 fresh lime.

You can adjust the sweetness with a drop of honey if you like.

Garnish the soup with peanuts or sesame seeds, a splash of sesame oil, lots of fresh coriander.

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