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Warm Chickpea & Bone Broth Salad

This Salad can be eaten warm or cold, it involves a bit of chopping but it’s well worth it.

This Salad can be eaten warm or cold, it involves a bit of chopping but it’s well worth it.

You will need:

1 cup dry chickpeas – soaked overnight in at least twice as much water

1 750ml tub Dr Broth Roast Chicken Bone Broth

1 Red onion – finely chopped and given a quick fry (2min)

1 Cucumber – split lengthways – split again, deseed and chop

2 jam tomatoes – split lengthways, deseed and chop

Small jar of pickled jalapeños – 3 or 4 chillies, deseeded and finely chopped – plus about 1½ tbls of pickling water

Pinch of cumin powder

Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

½ cup of each of chopped basil and mint


In a saucepan that can easily fit the soaked and drained chickpeas and all the bone broth combine the two and place over a medium heat with a lid mostof the way over (allow room for steam to escape) Simmer carefully until chickpeas are completely soft.   This could take 45min to an hour. If the broth is evaporating but the peas aren’t yet soft, keep adding filtered water until they are cooked.

Make sure you finish by allowing all the bone broth to have cooked into the chickpeas.

When the chickpeas are ready and still hot stir in the chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumber and jalapeños.

Taste now for seasoning and add salt and pepper to suit.

When you are happy stir in the cumin powder, 2 tbls extra virgin olive oil and the pickling liquid from the jalapeños.

Let the mix cool a bit and the flavours develop, then finally mix in the mint and basil.

This can be eaten straight away on its own, mix in some baby spinach leaves or rocket, or serve with grilled chicken or fish.

You could also replace the chickpeas with other legumes, just make note of different cooking times.

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